Episode 14: Generation sober: Why Gen Z is breaking up with alcohol - Mintel Little Conversation

They hate hangovers; they'd rather hit the gym than go to the pub; they choose quality over quantity. Sometimes they drink alcohol; sometimes they don't. Ladies and gentlemen, meet 'the sober generation'. In 2019, being healthy is cool and underage drinking has hit its lowest point ever in the US. In this episode, Mintel experts discuss what's behind Gen Z's sober attitudes toward alcohol and identify unexplored ways for beverage brands and bars to convince young people to leave Netflix at home and go out for a drink. Host: Edward Bergen (Global Food & Drink Analyst) Guest: Jonny Forsyth (Associate Director, Mintel Food & Drink) Caleb Bryant (Senior Beverage Analyst, US) Laura Bru (Innovation and Insights Manager)
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