Elise Loehnen: Disrupting the Media Landscape with Goop - The Femails

Meet Elise Loehnen, the Chief Content Office at Goop and a woman working to disrupt traditional media and ecommerce.   In addition to learning exactly how one goes about becoming GP’s (ahem, Gwyneth Paltrow’s) right-hand woman, we’ll also be chatting with Elise about all things media and ecommerce in the ever-changing digital landscape including why it’s been valuable for Goop to have their hand in lots of different projects. Pick a lane? Nope. Goop will talk the whole damn neighborhood, thank you very much.   And if you’ve ever listened to the Goop podcast, then you’re already acquainted with Elise because she hosts most of the episodes in addition to speaking at Goop events, planning content, and thinking about how she might replace herself 20 times over just like any good leader would. On this episode, you'll learn: * The business of Goop * How Elise has managed to go from an independent contributor to a leader * And even get Goopy by talking a lot about trusting your gut and listening to your inspiration   Show Notes: 28-Day Career Kickstart Career Contessa Instagram Goop.com Elise Loehnen’s interview on Career Contessa
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