How to Be a Good Manager According to theSkimm - The Femails

Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, co-founders of theSkimm and authors of HOW TO SKIMM YOUR LIFE, started the wildly popular newsletter TheSkimm back in 2012 while they were just two roommates working from their couch. Fast-forward seven years and TheSkimm is anything but a small idea with a small team. Carly and Danielle now manage a team of 100+ people and they’re often transparent about their management challenges and they’ll be sharing their management learnings. And because we’re here for that real-talk advice, be sure to stick around till after Carly and Danielle’s teachable moment because we’ll be answering your listener questions starting with how to grow your network within your company when you work a 100% remote job. You can submit your career questions for us to answer on future episodes by leaving us a voicemail at 844-FEMAILS. Show Notes: Career Contessa Instagram: 844-FEMAILS (844- 336-2457) HOW TO SKIMM YOUR LIFE:
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