Episode 137: Rachel Pinson & Ernest Evangelista (2019/11/07) - This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

This is show hosted by David cooper and nobody listen to this show.Always David cooper says that no one listen to this show because this show is mess.Now we have guest Rachel Pinson and Ernest Evangelista .David talking about dead body so weird.They both guest is comedian and you too david cooper.Now David talking about their privacy of sex life and says f*ck you ,Oh my god always he says this words.There is first caller and talking about steps looks like stupid things what they talking about.David and justin talking about masturbating,making a lot fun about masturbating ,he says 6 or 7 times a day and says masturbating in streets is best.Whatever this shows s*cks. David cooper talking about mom and dad having sex , i don't know what kind of show and why this cooper talks so stupid.Again we have second caller and talking about rainbow gathering,Ernest says she is interesting caller.Now they talking about pennis and buxpaum.Rachel laughs so loudly and interacting mostly with cooper.Cooper says my dad embarrassing me front of friends.Anyways this radio shows is crap and nothing important to listen this crap shows.This show is very bad and nothing interesting to listen. Arjun from indian reviewing with 0 star.
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