Porn: the Killer of Missions—With Benjamin Vrbicek - The Missions Podcast

In our culture, sexual temptation is hitting the church like a tidal wave, and those serving overseas as missionaries are far from immune. Porn is a fatal undercurrent that Satan uses to eliminate gospel workers sniper-style and cripple missions efforts, and overseas workers separated from accountability and friends are particularly vulnerable. What factors drive a person in full-time ministry to pornography for comfort, control, or stress relief—and what gospel hope is there for someone struggling? This week we sat down in-studio with Benjamin Vrbicek, teaching pastor at Community Evangelical Free Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and author of the upcoming book Struggle Against Porn: 40 Diagnostic Tests for Your Head and Heart. Benjamin Vrbicek blogs at Fan and Flame, and is the co-author of More People to Love. You can follow him on Twitter @BenjaminVrbicek. He has written for Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, and For The Church. Remember to share, rate, leave a review, and subscribe. Together we can help bridge the gap between the worlds of theology and missions. Want to ask a question for a future episode? Email Powered by ABWE International.
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