Common Ground [Episode 18] - Podcast Brunch Club

Adela, Sara, and Christine from the PBC chapter in Houston share their thoughts on the episodes from the podcast playlist on Common Ground. In the “What We’re Listening To” segment, Sara and Adela chat about comedy podcasts. Here are some helpful links: * Common Ground podcast playlist: * TheSpin1 (The Spin) – Fashion Forum Africa Part 2 * Conversations with People Who Hate Me – Episode 7: Sissies and Flaming Queens * Our Americana – 4.2: Greensburg, Kansas (The Tornado) * In the “What We’re Listening To” segment, Sara and Adela talked about comedy podcasts, including: * Two Dope Queens * Why Won’t You Date Me * My Dad Wrote a Porno * Can I Pet Your Dog * Troll Play * Help, I Sexted My Boss * Worst Meatball Sandwich Ever * Music used in this episode is from Podington Bear's Background album and downloaded from the Free Music Archive. * Audio editing and production by Steven Zampanti of Conceptual Podcasting. * Join Podcast Brunch Club * Get the newsletter * Join/start an in-person group where you live * Join the global PBC FB group * Follow PBC on twitter * Get great podcast-related content from Audible Feast: * Check out the website * Subscribe to the newsletter * Follow AF on Twitter * Follow AF on Facebook * Next up (June 2018) podcast playlist theme: Emotions * If you have comments or reflections to share, send an email or voice memo to You can check out some tips on how to record at
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