Miriam Shor on Younger, parenting, quirks - Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

Younger TV star Miriam Shor is hilarious onscreen and off! She cracks Kara up with anecdotes about her kids, driving lessons, Game of Thrones and a weird cheese habit. The actress (of Darren Star's TV Land hit Younger + The Good Wife, Damages, etc) also gets real -- about being a woman, marriage, acting, social media and politics. It's entertaining, surprising, anything but boring. Enjoy!   Get a shout-out from Kara: Patreon.com/ReallyFamous Behind-the-scenes photos - ReallyFamousPodcast.com Support the show for $3 - Patreon.com/reallyfamous Insider news - ReallyFamousPodcast.com/contact Twitter - @kara1to1 Instagram - @reallyfamouspodcast Facebook - @karamayerrobinson Take our 2-minute survey -  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XTFVN7L Talk to Kara - click here   Celebrity interview by Kara Mayer Robinson Music-Take a Chance-Kevin MacLeod-incompetech-Creative Commons  
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