REI Diamonds Show with Ryan Wright on Funding Fix & Flip Deals - REI Diamonds-Real Estate Investment Podcast

Ryan & I Discuss The WRONG Deal to Try and Use Hard Money How to Fund that first Deal (it IS the hardest deal) Sources of Deals Guiding You through the First Few Deals From Flipping Houses to Funding YOUR Flips!! Ryan is a longtime real estate investor who had been named the "Real Estate Rookie of the Year" and "Best In State" in Utah by the time that he was 22. After becoming an investor, he soon found that it was difficult to obtain funding for his investments quickly, let alone from reputable lenders. With that in mind, he founded Do Hard Money, a hard money company that offers safe, reliable funding to investors via peer to peer lending.    Relevant Episodes: (There are 117 Content Packed Interviews in Total)  Andrew Holmes on 850 Flips & 180 Rentals Austin Stack on $1 Million Dollars in 14 Months Joe Fairless on Scaling Up to 3,500 Units Michael Quarles on Closing More than 1,000 Deals Across the U.S.   Resources Mentioned in the Episode:
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