Episode 54 - Rentals and Cash Flow in Richmond, VA - Real Estate Success With Jim Ingersoll

In this week's Real Estate Success podcast, your host, Jim Ingersoll talks to Zack Broaddus about creating lifetime income streams from real estate assets. Discussion points: * What it's like to jump right into the real estate game right out of college * Zack's first big deal... how he almost lost it.... and how his persistence paid off * Establishing processes for your business * Why it's important to get testimonial videos from your sellers * How having a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help * Continuing to learn by reading * The benefits of self-employment * Wholesaling properties * Zack's tips for those just getting started: * Read books * Get around the right people (networking) * Be around the 5 best people.... find the equivalent of your 5 best friends in business    Ready To Live Your Own Success Story? Join your podcast host, Jim Ingersoll, at BigMoneyInvestor.com
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