#41 - Dan Cummins - Foot in the Door

I had a conversation with Dan Cummins, a comedian whose work I've really admired for a few years now, and I walked away with an even greater admiration for the guy. He's a super-hard worker who has more than one pot cooking on the stovetop. Dan has a new album out this weekend, Don't Wake the Bear, and I fully expected our conversation to mostly cover comedy and the aforementioned project. Although we do get treated to a few behind-the-bits anecdotes (I'm still shocked at how much of his material is actually true and not just generated for the laugh), I had no idea what else Dan had going (perhaps a result of my minimal research). Dan pulls back the curtain and lets us know what it's like to work as a host for a show on the Playboy Channel, being a writer (yes, a writer) for reality TV, and his comedian-bingo confession at a now-defunct Indiana comedy club. It's a great conversation with a really good guy that I think you'll enjoy. .     
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