S2 Ep. 2: Body Wisdom & Breaking Through Food Fear with Emily Fonnesbeck - The Body Image Podcast

HeartSpace Podcast Season 2 is officially kicking off!  Inside this episode, Nutrition Therapist & Registered Dietitian, Emily Fonnesbeck joins me. Inside, Emily shares her personal story of orthorexia, body preoccupation, and dieting - not to mention a number of practical tools on body image healing and food freedom. We delve deep into body trust, pulling back fear, what a healthy body image even means, and so much more. I can't wait for you to hear our conversation! JOIN THE HeartSpace Insiders FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeartSpacePodcast/ GET WEEKLY-ISH COACHING NOTES ALL ABOUT BODY IMAGE HEALING, FOOD FREEDOM & SELF-WORTH: https://corinnedobbas.lpages.co/newsletter/ WORK WITH ME: https://corinnedobbas.com/work-with-me/ APPLY TO HEARTSPACE ACADEMY: https://corinnedobbas.lpages.co/heartspace-academy/
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