25. Ever After / X-Men - Load Bearing Beams

In an episode Laci calls "Ever Men" but that Matt calls "X1: X-Men Ever After," the pair discuss Ever After (1998) and X-Men (2000), two movies that, to everyone's surprise, are both pure delights!  Ever After, Drew Barrymore deploys a most unconvincing British accent to play the French commoner Danielle de Barbarac who pulls off a most sinister rouse and pretends to be the Comtesse de Lancret! Love ensues. Good movie. In X-Men, Hugh Jackman/Jack Hughman finds himself caught up in a war between Magneto, that most dastardly of villains who can create magnetic fields, and Professor X, who can read people's minds unless they put on a helmet. Slashing ensues. Good movie. Time stamps: Ever After: 03:54 X-Men: 20:17   Website: www.loadbearingbeams.com Twitter: @LoadBearingPod
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