Tending to Our Spiritual Well-Being / Crystal Grid Master Joseph Alexander Ovidi - Spiritual Fizz

Reflect about tending to your spiritual being. Our featured guest is Joseph Alexander Ovidi who is a Shaman, Spiritual teacher and a Crystal Grid Master. He’s also a counselor and has helped many people identify their self-worth and importance in life. We talk with Joseph about his spiritual insights and how crystals can be used to help heal humanity. Learn about upcoming mindful events and spiritual observances like the pagan holiday Lammas which celebrates the beginning of the harvest. Show Segments * Intro: 00:00 * Spiritual Reflection: Tending to Our Spiritual Well-Being: 01:05 * Spiritual Events and Observances: Lammas: 02:00 * Featured Guest: Crystal Grid Master Joseph Alexander Ovidi: 03:45 * Outro: 21:50 Our Featured Guest Joseph Alexander Ovidi known spiritually as the prince of harmony is a Shaman, Spiritual teacher and a Crystal Grid Master. He was born with a sacred gift of being able to connect to diverse portals on high dimensions. He has travelled back in time and channelled with several ancient civilizations like Ancient Lemuria. This has enabled him to bring back to the future knowledge and traditional practices on crystals. His practice has been recognized and acknowledged around the world, he is a master and teacher in the field of crystals and their usage. You can find out more about Joseph on his website.    Show Resources and Links The pagan holiday of Lammas.   Join our Spiritual Community Today Get exclusive access to podcasts, videos, our private Facebook group and more. Available only to Spiritual Fizz subscribers.  Find out more about the Spiritual Fizz Podcast Please support us by subscribing to this podcast on iTunes and tell your friends about us. We look forward to being with you next time when we talk more about the connections between the spiritual and physical worlds.
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