STAR WARS, EMPIRE AND JEDI – A Look Back Part 1 - Damn Dirty Geeks

With STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS just a few months from blasting into theaters, the Damn Dirty Geeks revisit the classic, original STAR WARS trilogy in two full length podcasts. In Part 1 of this double-episode, Frank, Jack and Scott discuss in depth the unique clash of perfect timing and epic fantasy storytelling that launched a cinematic phenomenon in 1977. Before it was ever known as Episode IV: A NEW HOPE, the original STAR WARS captivated audiences worn down by political scandals, gas lines and dark, cynical cinema. George Lucas’ reimagining of serial adventures like FLASH GORDON made movies fun again and audiences kept returning to theaters to enjoy the good guys battling Darth Vader and the Empire’s baddies. The perfect antidote to 1970s cynicism, STAR WARS redefined the blockbuster film concept, launched a film franchise and fantasy mythology that endures and thrives nearly four decades later, and changed Hollywood movies forever. The Geeks get into the heart and artistry of good STAR WARS storytelling from A NEW HOPE through EMPIRE to JEDI which set both characters and audience on an exciting journey of danger, despair and triumph. We then pilot this discussion into the near future to challenge THE FORCE AWAKENS with bringing back that original STAR WARS feeling and fun again. Which episode is considered the best by the Damn Dirty Geeks? Listen to this first part of our original STAR WARS Trilogy podcast to find out. We will publish Part 2 of this STAR WARS original trilogy podcast discussing much more about RETURN OF THE JEDI soon, so stay tuned you Rebel scum! No, we won’t make you wait three years to hear it. Special thanks to our DDG theme composer Brice Cranston for engineering this recording.
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