All Things Kristen Simmons - Swoony Boys Podcast

Join Meg and Kassiah of Swoony Boys Podcast with Special Guests Erin and Jaime from Fiction Fare as they interview Kristen Simmons, author of the Article 5 Series. Podcast Notes * We welcome the awesome Kristen Simmons, author of the Article 5 Series and creator of Chase and Sean! * Kristen tells us what would make her throw her book at people. * Kristen answers a bunch of questions about the Article 5 Series, including where the inspiration for the series came from, what her favorite parts and characters were, and how she felt when she was finished writing the series. * Kristen lets us know some of the swoony boys she's been reading. * Kristen gives us the 411 on her upcoming title: The Glass Arrow. We can't wait for this one! * Kristen plays a little word association game with us. P.S. You can find the extra scenes from the Article 5 Series in Chase's POV on Kristen's Site. Let us know what you think! Ask Us a Question or Make Suggestions via our Handy Dandy Suggestion Form and tell us who's got you swooning here. If you haven't joined us for the "Real Book" Challenge, the Article 5 series by Kristen Simmons is the perfect way to get started, so be sure to sign up and read the awesomeness.
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