#01: Crossing the Border (Mauritania Part 1) - The Great Explorer

Hailed as the most corrupt border in Africa I can confirm one thing this, is the most ridiculous border experience I have ever had. The whole thing is sort of like an absurd pantomime with swiney back ally characters all playing their crooked roles in trying to rinse confused strangers of their money, including the people in uniform. Take my advice and avoid engaging in conversation with anybody. -Celina Pictures http://celinasky.com/mauritanian-border-rosso-from-senegal/ Hosted by Celina Sky www.celinasky.com TW: @celskythegreat IG: @celthegreat Produced, edited, and engineered by: Mason Booker Title Music: TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music - #97 (Climbing a Square Tree)
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