Adoption of a Design System - What's Your (R)angle?

In this episode, Jennifer Shannon is joined by Dale Simpson, Lean-Agile expert, and Howie Howatson, VP of Creative at Rangle to discuss the learning and adoption curve of a Design System. An accomplished Rangle alumni, Dale was instrumental in developing and driving our Agile practice. With over 25 years of experience, his contributions to not only our Agile practice but Quality practices and consulting has been invaluable. We cannot overstate the impact he has had on Rangle as an organization and community. "A lot of what my team has been doing is trying to break down the walls around some of the traditional ways that work has been done and innovation has been sought to accomplish - bring the wisdom of lean innovation to how that work is done and trying to overcome some of the cultural boundaries that we see in modern organizations." **Let's Connect** #AskRangle Twitter: @rangleio Email:
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