#36: Can I Speak to the Manager? Pt. 1: Your Power as a Customer - The Next 24 Hours

Customer service affects us all. But have you ever thought about how YOUR attitude affects the thousands of people behind the counter who interact with you over your lifetime?  On today’s episode, we’re talking about the relationship between employee and customer, how my work with McDonald’s forever changed how I saw my role as customer, and a simple practice you can implement that will make people’s day and transform the way we do business as a culture. To contact my team about bringing me in to inspire your people, click here: https://curtiszimmerman.com/contact/ To get a free Living the Dream wristband, visit my website: https://curtiszimmerman.com/  Or, sign up to get my Write a New Script e-workbook for FREE: https://curtiszimmerman.com/newscript/
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