Episode 33 - The SOMM Remembers - Not So Boring Conversations

History is important. It reminds of us of who we are where we came from and the mistakes we have made along the way. Geoff Bottoms the Founder of the Southern Ontario Military Muster (SOMM for short) and Doug Hedge the current President want to make sure that the people in Windsor Essex know and remember their military history. I talked with Geoff (don't call him Mr. Bottoms, that's his dad) and Doug about their work with the Not For Profit Charitable Organization. From recovering derelict war vehicles built in and around Windsor Essex during the wars and restoring them to new, to helping and honouring veterans in ceremonies and community events year round and to holding their annual Southern Ontario Military Muster Event which educates the public about our history the SOMM works tirelessly to make sure we never forget. The SOMM Remembers.
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