Episode 3: Michael Sugich - Reflections

A few years ago, I came across a book called Signs on the Horizons. It’s about an individual’s personal encounters with extraordinary human beings from around the world. To be honest, it left such a profound impression on me that I just had to meet the author in person — and I finally did! My guest on this episode is Michael Sugich, a Santa Barbara native who studied at UCLA and the California Institute of the Arts. We discussed, among other things, show business; his love of film; his upcoming books and projects as well as a near-death experience that permanently changed his view on life. He is a very humble man who has accomplished a many great things but will not allow me to mention them publicly. I’m sure you will love this episode! Just so you know, “Sidi Ali” (the blind caretaker from Meknes) passed away peacefully shortly after this interview was recorded.
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