23 - No, I Wouldn't Call It That: Heinrich Böll's The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum - Books of Some Substance

With Nathan still motorcycling through the Americas, David and Nick are joined by Johanna, a wonderful and informative member of the Books of Some Substance bookclub, to discuss Heinrich Böll's The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, Or: How Violence Develops and Where It Can Lead. We talk Böll's style, violence in all its forms (institutional, linguistic, literal), fake news, 70s West Germany and the red scare, Amanda (Foxy) Knox(y), and, of course, like the appearance of Tlönian objects, a Borges reference is made.    Find a copy of the book, read it, and listen.  Follows us on Instagram & Twitter: @booksosubstance Check out our homepage: www.booksofsomesubstance.com 
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