Education: The Real Coleman A. Young Legacy with Khary K. Turner Ep. 3 - Ignite 2 Impact

Coleman Alexander Young (1918-1997)was the iconic mayor of Detroit, Michigan from 1974 to 1994. Young was the first African-American mayor of Detroit. He left a real legacy for our youth. The mission of Coleman A. Young Foundation is to develop leadership among youth through college scholarships, mentoring and other supports for personal growth and development. In this interview you'll hear the wise words of Khary K. Turner, Executive Director Coleman A. Young Foundation (CAYF), since 2012. He is amazing! The core program of the Coleman Young Foundation (CAYF) is the Scholars Program that: * Awards college scholarships * Facilitates Scholars' success * Creates future leadership To learn more about CAYF, contact:  Khary K. Turner, MAED Executive Director 313.962.2200 ​ #ignite2impact  Please share this podcast, subscribe in iTunes and leave a review
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