Warren Ellis' Normal - Supercontext: an autopsy of media

In his new serialized novella Normal, Warren Ellis shows us how too much futurism can lead to "abyss gaze." Christian went to one of Ellis' few U.S. readings from the book and reports to Charlie on how social media is the new cosmic horror. And what's the difference between a foresight strategist and a strategic forecaster? iTunes direct link Google Play direct link Addition Resources: * Warren Ellis’ Normal Brings Readers a Serialized Digital Dystopia * Warren Ellis' 'Normal' is a fast-paced dystopia about a burned-out futurist * Warren Ellis Is Here to Talk About His New Book Normal, Gazing into the Abyss, and the Flaw in All Things * ‘Internet Jesus’ Warren Ellis talks about the compulsion to write * Detoxing with Warren Ellis, Whose Near-Future Vision of Digital Exhaustion is Probably Already Here * In Warren Ellis' New Thriller Normal, Preparing For Humanity's Downfall Has A Price: Your Sanity * Fiction and Anthropology: Interviewing Warren Ellis About Normal * Can Serialized Fiction Convert Binge Watchers Into Binge Readers?
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