20 - Needs More Booster Drive: Stanisław Lem's Fiasco - Books of Some Substance

Communication breakdown—it's always the same...unless of course you are light years away on a spacecraft with a crew of international and seemingly indistinguishable humans, a deceptive AI system that controls every aspect of the ship, and an unknown reanimated man whose reanimation plays no part in your once in an existence mission to communicate for the first time (ever) with a different intelligent life in the universe, life that is possibly aggressive and certainly intelligent.  Welcome to a discussion of Stanisław Lem's brittle-hard science-fiction novel Fiasco. Welcome to another episode of the Books of Some Substance podcast!  Joining us from the last telephone booth in Seattle is David's bookish friend Mike.    Find yourself a copy of the book (or don't) and give us a listen.  If you are interested in joining up and receiving bad-ass artwork and hand-typed invitation letters (or if you want to see what else we have read or check out Nick's novella), go to our website: http://www.booksofsomesubstance.com/  FIND US ON:  INSTAGRAM    FACEBOOK    TWITTER  
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