54. The Excellence Dividend | with Tom Peters - Future-Proof

A lot of folks talk about this notion of becoming future-ready as if it’s some sort of magic trick. They paint a picture of a future where we need to learn all kinds of new stuff — new skills, new technologies, new strategies, and new business models — in order to out-maneuver the machines and remain relevant. And to some extent, that’s true. We’ve got some serious work to do from here on in.   But on the other hand, there is a school of thought — a pretty well-supported and powerful school of thought — that says in order to become future-ready, we really need to be doing nothing more than what we all should have been doing right from the start: providing excellence. Excellence, certainly to our clients and customers, but just as importantly, to our employees.   But that raises a couple questions, like where does excellence come from? And how does it start?   To help us answer these questions, we sit down with Tom Peters, who is as deep a thinker in this space as exists in the world today. He co-wrote In Search of Excellence and The Little Big Things, which Warren Bennis called the single-best management book he’s ever read, and his latest book is called The Excellence Dividend.   To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit blionline.org/blog.   Resources: * Check out TomPeters.com * Twitter: https://twitter.com/tom_peters * Read Tom’s Essay: “The Speed Trap: When Taking Your Time (Really) Matters” * Book: The Excellence Dividend * Book: The Professional Service Firm50 (Reinventing Work) * Book: In Search of Excellence * Book: The Little Big Things * Learn more at MACPA.org/future-learning Future-Proof is produced by Podcast Masters
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