You have a strategic plan, now what? How to improve communication, alignment and results. - For You Leaders

“Many organizations draw the bullseye after they fired. They claimed success when they didn’t intend it.” - Tim Hawks Almost every organization has a strategic plan of some sorts. That’s the first, and easiest, step. The missing piece in the planning process is typically around communication and alignment. It’s the leaders’ role to communicate the plan in a way that creates alignment. Employees need to be able to connect their every day role back to the goals. Communication of a plan is not a one-time occurrence. There needs to be a process to state and restate the goals. You need to measure the progress continuously. The real work of strategic planning comes after the plan. That’s exactly what we are unpacking with today’s guest, Tim Hawks. He describes how they operationalize their strategic planning process. Tim dives into their meeting cadence, their communication process and a lot more. Listen in to hear how you can operationalize your strategic planning process to reach your goals. Today’s Topics Include: * How Tim and his organization approach their strategic plan * How they communicate the plan so everyone understands their role * Using the strategic plan as a tool to get and keep everyone aligned * The importance of getting many involved in the process * The number of goals you need to be successful in strategic planning * Using clear goals to make sure you reach them * 1 Year from Now, if we are wildly successful, what is different? * In 90 days, what do we need to accomplish to meet the goal in 1 year? * 30 Days from now, what needs to happen? * The mantra of “every team advances every goal every month” * How to check on progress against the goals * Does Tim think the strategic planning process is worth it? * How Tim prepares every week to speak in front of thousands of people * How you can prepare for your next talk by starting with Know, Feel, Do. What does that mean and how can you use it? More great Leadership Podcasts
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