Lawless - Supercontext: an autopsy of media

While Lawless is a flawed film that's not for everyone, it's still one of our favorites. We go through some personal reconciliations while reviewing how John Hillcoat, Nick Cave and others made this true myth. iTunes direct link Google Play direct link Additional Resources: * How 'Lawless' Nabbed New A-Listers Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain * John Hillcoat Talks Sticking With Shia LaBeouf For ‘Lawless,’ How Tom Hardy Embraced His Feminine Side & More * The Road Director Hillcoat's Next Project Falls Apart * EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Chastain to Star in 'The Wettest County * Nick Cave: 'Lawless is not so much a true story as a true myth' * Nick Cave on Writing the 'Lawless' Screenplay and Compiling and Playing Its Music (Q&A) * Nick Cave on Lawless, the sentimentality of sadists, and the war on drugs
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