How Radical Empathy Strengthens Your Business - Seth Godin - Don't Keep Your Day Job

How can we "see" others to help solve their problems? Why should you prioritize interactions over passions? Seth Godin - best-selling author, entrepreneur, blogger, and host of the podcast Akimbo has spent decades exploring and understanding the world of marketing. Find out his innovative insights on how to create your own story that speaks to an audience, whether you should love the work you do vs. do what you love, and how to turn your creative pursuit into a valuable scarcity that solves a problem. - Get notified about Cathy's Course & Challenge! - Thank you Skillshare! Go to and get 2 months of Skillshare for just 99 cents. - Thanks Allbirds! Go to and find a pair of comfy, tree shoes. - Thank you HouseCallPro! For Free Activation go to - Thank you eHarmony! Get a free month at when you sign up for a 3 month subscription! Enter DREAMJOB at checkout.
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