Who Killed Mulaney? - Supercontext: an autopsy of media

What went wrong with comedian John Mulaney's debut sitcom? Was it network interference? Formatting? Or did the creator just take on too much? We discuss the differences between irony and sincerity in television humor to try to understand this show's cancellation. iTunes direct link Google Play direct link Additional Resources: * NBC Passes on John Mulaney’s Pilot * Fox Gives Series Order To John Mulaney Comedy Produced By Lorne Michaels * ‘Mulaney’ Order Trimmed To 13 Episodes * In Defense of the Multi-Camera Sitcom * John Mulaney surprises us with his top 5 multi-camera sitcoms * Welcome Back, John Mulaney * Mulaney: Season One Ratings * In Defense of Mulaney * The Evolution Of The Sitcom: The Age of the Single Camera * You Made It Weird: John Mulaney Returns
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