Ep. 7 - Wellist: Connecting Patients to the Resources They Need the Most - The Early Stage Podcast

Where were you the moment you decided to leave your career behind, follow a passion, and build a startup? Ashley Reid, Founder and CEO of digital health startup Wellist, was helping her dad landscape the yard when she made the decision that has had tremendous impact on thousands of patients' lives. Wellist leverages proprietary patient data and human compassion to increase patient satisfaction, outcomes, and loyalty. A hospital visit sometimes means a marked shift in a patient's autonomy and way of life, and this reality brings many new challenges they are unequipped to handle alone. Wellist provides mobile, online, and in-person support to help patient and their caregivers make informed decisions. Passion and caring effuses from her during this conversation, and it's clear her purpose in life is to use technology and new solutions to lessen human suffering. Strong and growing partnerships with hospital systems like Partners have Wellist on an enviable growth trajectory. Her biggest piece of advice to new founders is to meet 30 people in 30 days -- and none of them should be an investor. Building a deep support network is essential to a startups success. Enjoy listening to this episode!
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