Here we go! Corey and Jessica kick off our coverage of the Midwest Gaming Classic with the biggest interview for us to date: The legendary Billy Mitchell! We caught up with him amidst the multiple questions surrounding him and talk to him about his past and how he came to be. Since he gave his statement at the event, we decided to talk to him about other things and just have a little fun. It's what the MGC is all about! From his early days just starting to play in the arcades, to the relationship he had with the late and great Masaya Nakamura, (The founder of NAMCO) there's a lot about Billy you may not know, and we chip away at a bit of what this man has to offer inside in this short interview. Hot sauce, competitive gaming, regrettable moments, and triumphs, we span the gamut as we talk to him. Like or dislike, he's an amazing character that really entertains and captures what we all love in video games: The true competitive spirit. Our hats off to you, Billy. Thanks for talking to us, and we hope you enjoy! LISTEN/SUBSCRIBE: iTUNES: GOOGLE PLAY: SOUNDCLOUD: YOUTUBE: STITCHER: TUNEIN: CONNECT: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM: E-MAIL: PHONE: (414) 530-5432 Call us with your hot movie and gaming takes! Get on the horn with that drunk dial and we’ll react on a future episode! Sound-Off, GaM-ers! MUSIC CREDITS: INTRO MUSIC: “Get Ready” - Composed by David Wise - R.C. PRO AM OUTRO MUSIC: Written and used with permission by Mark Peterson
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