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Where don’t we feel the impact of stress? It can affect the body, mind, our sleep, appetite, relationships, etc., creating a complicated (and sometimes painful) web of causes and effects. By the time we’re forced to address pain, it can be tough to identify what the underlying trigger was. Join Dr. Liou, in this lighthearted conversation with Jen about workplace stress and pain, while they take a winding path through the topics of stretching, pain medicine, biorhythms, and depression. Jen discusses her transitioning career from teacher to principal to real estate broker and the unexpected physical changes that came with each new role.  Jen shares how revelatory it was to have someone else ask the right questions about her pain, which led to constructive and practical changes in her daily routine. Who do you talk to for help uncovering and addressing the roots of your stress and pain? Key Points from this Episode: * Mechanical and environmental stressors in the workplace. * The value of conversation in treatment to connect the dots and set a productive course of recovery. * Safe and productive stretching through muscle activation. * Understanding the role of over-the-counter Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) for pain relief. * The unexpected and unpredictable benefits that can arise after removing stress. * Schedules that adapt to your natural biorhythms. * Biorhythms and depression: the importance of finding successful motivators to avoid the cycle of depression and fatigue when the system is neuro-biochemically compromised. * Appropriate responses to pain or stress are as unique as the individual feeling them. Links : Jen Jarta Real Estate - NSAIDS and healing - NSAIDS and GI health - NSAIDS and cardiovascular health  - On Stretching -   Music From This Episode Eric and Magill — Samuel Vas-Y -   Follow Us: Everyday Pain Forum – Everyday Pain – Everyday Pain Twitter –  
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