Elections vs. Movements: a strategy showdown with Sunrise (Varshini Prakash & Will Lawrence) - Healing Justice Podcast

It’s a battle of strategy, values, and culture: should we be building social movements for the long-term that embody all of what we deserve; OR engaging in the current reality of the political cycle to win what we can, while we still can? Varshini Prakash and Will Lawrence of Sunrise Movement join us to blow up the binary and explain how their work makes sense of the rhythms of elections and movement vision. With the 2018 US midterm elections upon us, Healing Justice Podcast brings you the SURVIVING ELECTIONS miniseries to help us all survive this political cycle together. Learn more & check out the upcoming episode list at www.healingjustice.org/elections --- This miniseries is sponsored by Groundswell Action Fund, resourcing visionary political organizing led by women of color, low-income women and transgender people across the country. Pitch in to support their critical work: bit.ly/groundswellaction --- Sunrise is building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. We're making climate an urgent political priority across America, ending the stranglehold that fossil fuel executives have on our politics, and electing a new generation of leaders who will fight for the health and wellbeing of all people, not just a wealthy few. http://www.sunrisemovement.org Varshini Prakash has been an organizer in the climate justice movement for over 5 years, first leading fossil fuel divestment campaigns at the local and national level and then moving on to co-found and direct Sunrise. She currently serves as the Communications Director. Varshini lives in Boston, MA. Will Lawrence is an organizer and movement builder from Lansing, MI. He is a co-founder of Sunrise and a former leader in the fossil fuel divestment movement. He serves as Sunrise's Michigan Director and helps lead the movement's electoral work around the country. Mentioned in this episode: Tao te Ching chapter 29, Steven Miller translation Grounded perspectives on politics and social change: a podcast playlist for election season, curated by Kate Werning --- JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Sign up for our email list to receive new episodes and election survival tips right to your inbox. (Come on, don't you want to receive at least one email this month that isn't asking you to chip in $3 before the reporting deadline at midnight?!) Sign up here: www.healingjustice.org/elections Talk with us on social media: Instagram @healingjustice, Healing Justice Podcast on Facebook, & @hjpodcast on Twitter  --- SHOW YOUR SUPPORT Please follow / subscribe, rate, & review in whatever app you are listening, and SHARE this resource with everyone you know who could benefit from it! This podcast is 100% volunteer-run. Help cover our costs by becoming a sponsor at www.patreon.com/healingjustice  You can also give a one time donation here: https://secure.squarespace.com/commerce/donate?donatePageId=5ad90c0e03ce64d6028e01bb --- THANK YOU: Mixing and production by Zach Meyer at the COALROOM Music by Danny O’Brien & Zach Meyer Production support from Guido Girgenti & Parke Ballantine Visuals by Josiah Werning
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