072: Christine Thornton: The Secret Life of Groups: A Group Analytic Approach to Team Coaching - The Team Coaching Zone Podcast: Coaching | Teams | Leadership

How do the unconscious dynamics of a team impact its ultimate performance? What are some practical ways that team coaches can enable the secret life of groups to support rather than thwart team effectiveness? Join show host Dr. Krister Lowe and guest Christine Thornton--author of "Group and Team Coaching: The Secret Life of Groups"-- for this week's episode of The Team Coaching Zone Podcast to discover the answer to these and other important questions! Themes explored in the episode include: -Christine's journey into group analysis and group and team coaching -The origins of group analysis -6 practice elements from Group Analysis that inform team coaching (1. Attending to the Individual; 2. Nuances of Interpersonal Communication; 3. Attention to Context; 4. the Value of Multiple Perspectives; 5. Creative Incorporation of Difference; 6. Anxiety and Leadership Projections) -A case example involving a leadership team -Christine's book "Group and Team Coaching: The Secret Life of Groups" (2nd Edition) -Christine's training programs and supervision groups for group and team coaches and more All team coaches need a basic understanding of group dynamics in order to be able to "hold" a group for learning and performance to unfold. Dive in today and begin your journey into discovering the secret life of groups!
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