Timeshares and Buying a House at 26 with Tiffany Grant - The Thought Card

Tiffany Grant is a self proclaimed money nerd and after years of giving impromptu advice to family and friends, she started a blog Money Talk with T where she covers a wide variety of money topics from saving for retirement to paying off student loans. In this episode we cover: * The important things that people need to know about timeshares * The sales tactics and demographics timeshares target * Why we would go to another timeshare presentation (we love the perks) * Buying a house in your twenties * Tiffany's favorite personal finance podcasts   Resources Mentioned: * Priceline Express Deals * Google Flights   Tiffany's Articles:  * Timeshares and What You Need To Know * Top 6 Financial Podcasts 2018    Danielle's Articles Why I Asked For A Refund 2 Days After Buying A Timeshare   Personal Finance Podcasts:  Ramsey Solutions Podcast: Listen to debt free screams and personal finance questions from live callers. The Clarke Howard Show: Find deals, frugal living and other money saving tips. Stacking Benjamins: This show infuses humor into financial topics and is a good fit for those who know a moderate amount about personal finance. Motley Fool Money: More advanced financial topics, specifically investing.   Connect with Tiffany: Blog: https://www.moneytalkwitht.com/ Facebook: @moneytalkwitht Instagram: @moneytalkwitht Twitter: @moneytalkwitht YouTube: Money Talk with Tiff   Please subscribe to my podcast! I post new episode every other Thursday. Also if you enjoyed this podcast, please consider supporting me as a creator by donating $1, $5, $10, or more through​ Juble it! a tip jar for creators: https://jubl.it/fyu1zpn
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