Tranquilo Mat - Melissa Gersin, Founder & CEO - The Early Stage Podcast

This episode finds us in a unique space, retail for babies. Joining me is Melissa Gersin, Founder & CEO of Boston-based startup Tranquilo Mat. Like so may of us, Melissa kicked around her idea with colleagues and friends for years before stepping up and bringing the Tranquilo Mat, a revolutionary vibrating mat for soothing crying and colicky babies, to market. This interview dives into the scariness and nuances of her first production run -- from having your first manufacturing partner shut down to how she felt shelling out $50,000 of her own money for the first 2,000 units. As Tranquilo Mat found success, Melissa walks us through how she managed employee growth and even turned an early worker into a co-founder. Also, for anyone eager to learn what it's like to go through the process of being selected to audition for Shark Tank, getting approved to pitch, and even getting a deal with Robert Herjavek on the show, you'll hear a ton about it here. Melissa's "Shark Tank Bump" blew away everyone's expectations, with an entire year's worth of inventory sold in the first 24 hours after her appearance. If it's getting noisy on the subway or in traffic, turn the volume up because this episode is a must-listen. You can get in touch with her at or @TranquiloMat on @Twitter.
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