Autonomous Marine Systems - Eamon Carrig, Co-Founder & CTO, and Ravi Paintal, CEO - The Early Stage Podcast

Why hello Startup Nation, and welcome to Episode 28 of the Early Stage Podcast, the weekly show that gives you a deep dive into startup life right from the source, the founders themselves. I'm @JohnnyStartup, your host. At the top of today's show you're being treated to the final #InnoSprint with Bostinno Tech Writer Dylan Martin, in which he shares some interesting personal news. We touch on his favorite interviewees, why it benefits a startup to be transparent to their customers and the public, why diversity and housing are the biggest challenges in entrepreneurship over the next decade, and the purpose of tech press in an innovation ecosystem. For today's main dish, I'm bringing you a fun conversation with Eamon Carrig and Ravi Paintal, the fearless leaders of Autonomous Marine Systems. AMS is a Boston-based startup that uses low-cost, self-powered fleets of sailing drones that form an intelligence sensor network to collect and transmit hydrographic data across the surface of the globe. Their "Datamaran" is the world's first self-righting catamaran -- the backbone of the platform. Their oceanic missions have expanded from 3 to 30 days over the last year, stretching their catamaran's capabilities over 200 miles. AMS is ushering the world into the era of automated oceanic observation. Enjoy the show. John Valentine, Host Twitter - @JohnnyStartup Email - Dylan Martin, Tech Writer, Bostinno Twitter - @DylanLJMartin Dylan's Personal News Blog - Autonomous Marine Systems Website - Eamon Carrig, Co-Founder & CTO, AMS LinkedIn - Ravi Paintal, CEO, AMS LinkedIn -
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