017 - Managing Your Cabinet - PIKE Podcast

The vice presidents' first role is that of a manager, overseeing the committee system. Once all retreats have been executed, the internal, external and member development vice presidents will monitor their respective cabinets. It's important to effectively motivate, lead by example and be the enforcer when necessary. For this episode, we welcome Director of Services – West Erik Fournier (Jacksonville, Mu Mu ’15) back to the PIKE Podcast as we break down effective leadership styles and tactics for managing your cabinet. Resource Links Discussed: PIKE Blog - Managing Your Cabinet (https://www.pikes.org/blog/2019/01/08/managing-your-cabinet) Handbook - External Vice President (https://www.pikes.org/~/media/pikes_org/images%20and%20documents/resources/1-1%20chapter%20resources/external%20vice%20president%20handbook%20nov18.ashx?la=en) Handbook - Internal Vice President (https://www.pikes.org/~/media/pikes_org/images%20and%20documents/resources/1-1%20chapter%20resources/internal%20vice%20president%20handbook%20nov2018.ashx?la=en) Handbook - Vice President of Membership Development (https://www.pikes.org/~/media/pikes_org/images%20and%20documents/resources/1-1%20chapter%20resources/1-1%20position%20handbooks/membership%20development%20vp%20handbookaug%202018.ashx?la=en)
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