Tive - Rob Stevens, Chief Revenue Officer - The Early Stage Podcast

As I sit here and look around my apartment, it's likely that every single item has been shipped here from across the state, country, or even the world. Supply chain is an essential cog of the global economy, albeit one of the least sexy industries out there. Tive Chief Revenue Officer Rob Stevens and his team have cracked the code on tracking these shipments in real-time.Their combination of always-connected sensors and cloud-based software gives companies visibility on shipments over sea, land, and air. With over $3M in seed funding from Accomplice, NextView, Hyperplane, Bolt, and others, Tive looks to add their cellular trackers to every shipment in transit. Rob and I touched on the startup's origin story, competition, current and future technical challenges, how his seed round came together, who he's looking for to build out his sales team, how to flip pilot customers into paying customers, and a ton more. Enjoy the conversation, and let's get Monday started right! Rob Stevens, CRO LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertgstevens/ Website: https://tive.co/
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