F! Possessiveness! – Polyamory, and Epansive Love - "The Higher Game": The Bold Life GiladCast

Kamala Devi McClure is a artist, activist and author of a handful of books on sex and spirituality. Her family stars in Showtime’s hit docu-series, Polyamory: Married and Dating. She also appeared on Dr. Drew, Ricki Lake, Tyra Banks and the award-winning documentary Sex Magic. KamalaDevi travels the world as faculty for the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and is the founder of San Diego Tantra Theater and Poly-Palooza. Her mission is to awaken artists, healers, and visionaries around the world to become love leaders. She enjoys a rich home life by the beach in San Diego with her husband of over 15 years and their 10-year-old son. http://www.KamalaDevi.com To learn more about Adam - go to AdamGilad.com To get Adam's Book 21 Laws of Boldness go to AdamGilad.com/21Laws To learn about Adam's Advanced Dating and Relationship Group go to AdamGilad.com/smart Follow Adam on Instagram - RealAdamGilad
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