419: The Physical Therapist Who Built a $100M SaaS Company w/ Heidi Jannenga - The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Inspiration can hit us anywhere. Most times, it’s not when we’re forcing it. It tends to reveal itself in the most mundane of activities. But, when it shows up, it’s a beautiful thing. This is what happened to the president and co-founder at WebPT, Heidi Jannenga. As a physical therapist, she saw the need for a more sophisticated method of documenting patient visits. Pen and paper was the protocol. In this #TakeoverTuesday episode, Heidi fills in FMF co-host John Rougeux on her story through category creation, gaining 40% of the market share, and more. John Rougeux is the founder of Flag & Frontier, a marketing consultancy that helps B2B startups stand out in crowded markets. Call me crazy but here's what I am doing - Text ABMisB2B to 33777 to receive a copy of Sangram's newest book. This is gift to YOU as a listener for a limited time! All I ask is for a review of the book on Amazon when you are done reading. Deal?  
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