Episode 38 - His Last Podcast - Not So Boring Conversations

Originally drawn as a mascot for a failed comic book fanzine and named after a spelling mistake Cerebus the Aardvarks comic book adventure ran for 300 issues. A 6,000 page tale about a lovable earth pig, starting as a parody of Conan the Barbarian and in time turning into a story about life, love, beliefs, loneliness and death. Dave Sim, the man who drew and wrote all 300 issues with amazing detailed background work by Gerhard showed us that comic book characters can age and grow with their audience. Mr. Sim has had his ups and downs and has gotten himself into trouble with his political and religious views but for 27 years he did Cerebus his way, from book 1 to book 300 and has left us a story unique in the comic world. I spoke to Mr. Sim by phone at his home in Kitchener Ontario about starting out in the comic book world interviewing writers and artists, to the journey of Cerebus and about his future project The Strange Death of Alex Raymond.
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