Episode 3: Stand Tall in Your Purpose - Change Cadet Podcast

Enjoy our very first LIVE episode with Alicia Jay of @TallSWAG! We are coming to you from Lux, a soon to open co-working space in downtown Oakland, with all the modern tea party vibes. In this episode, Dr. Cadet and Alicia Jay chat about work, #singlelifestruggles, and being entrepreneurs. Alicia shares how she has overcome many challenges to stand tall in her truth. From bullying to depression, she has used every roadblock to build a bridge to empower herself and others. As a teen Alicia endured ridicule for both her race and her height. She believed the lies and for many years hated who she was. Over time she built up her self-esteem and now she shares her faith-built story with anyone that she can. She created TallSWAG to show others how to follow their dreams by standing tall every day in every way. Alicia is a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, speaker, broadcaster, model and designer. Most recently she shared her story as a new cast member on TLC’s hit show, My Giant Life. We also answer questions from a number of our amazing attendees and end the show with a special affirmation from Adrienne Kimball (@adrienne_kimball) of The Melanated Soul. IG: @TallSWAG I tallswag.com
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