Tom Peters - The Excellence Dividend - Part 2 - LeadershipNOW®

Part 2 - In this episode of LeadershipNOW® podcast we feature the world's leading leadership strategies guru Tom Peters being interviewed by WealthWave® founder Tom Mathews live from Dutch Aufderheide Studio at WealthWave® Leadership Center in Johns Creek, GA. Tom's first book, In Search of Excellence launched a management revolution and was ranked in a recent poll carried out by Bloomsbury Press as the "greatest business book of all-time". Since then, he has remained at the forefront of the movement to radically change organizations and how they are led in the face of new consumer, global and technological realities. His books, including his latest, The Excellence Dividend, have topped sales charts for over thirty years, with Peters becoming the #1 best-selling business author of all-time. Success leaves clues and this episode is filled with plenty. Let’s excel!
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