Just Be a Builder - Bridging the Gap

There is a Renaissance in construction technology and the recent uptick in disruption has increased the acceleration. But how comfortable are you leveraging the wide-ranging construction technology available? Are you using BIM to influence your detailing decisions? Join Todd and The Construction Brothers, Eddie and Tyler, as they unpack what BIM (Building Information Modeling) really is, the necessity of working together and getting back to the basics of being a builder.Eddie and Tyler own a building information modeling business called ABSI, based in Downtown Milledgeville, GA with their dad. Throughout his career, he has tied rebar, been a carpenter, and remodeled bathrooms. After years of being in the field, Eddie turned his focus to 3D modeling and the new family business, ABSI, in 2005. There, he pursued becoming a licensed General Contractor in the State of Georgia. Tyler came into the family business as an apprentice at the beginning of 2012. Branching out from there, Tyler had a fascination with technology--how it can speed up work, and how it can improve accuracy. Beyond that, he became obsessed with User Experience design and the implications it could have for the construction industry.Thanks for listening! Please be sure to leave a rating and/or review and follow us on our social accounts.Sign up for newsletterFollow us on LinkedInBridging the Gap Podcast WebsiteTodd’s LinkedIn Thank you to our sponsors!Applied SoftwareApplied Software LinkedInOther Relevant Links:LiveLab Learning-Guest Info:Construction Brothers podcastTyler's LinkedInEddie's LinkedIn
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