Episode 1 - Elvis I Gotta Go - Not So Boring Conversations

In the 90's the music world was changing. Glam rock was shown the door and the Spice Girls and Nirvana were taking center stage. In Windsor, Ontario Canada a unique mix of live bands were playing the bars and festivals. Big bands like The Tea Party and Big Sugar take up most of the conversation when talking about local Windsor talent at that time but other not so big names could be found performing each night. Bands like Racecar, We Wish We Knew, 10 Indians, Luxury Christ and Virginia's Leaf. Oscar Wilde once said "With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone." This is not the case for Virginia's Leaf. Recently re united Dean Valentino, Sheri McAuley, and Jason Demars return to performing with their catalog of past songs from their album World of Wonders like Remember and You Want along with some new ones ready to remind Windsor audiences that great Canadian music can still be found at home.
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