Taking What's Old And Making It New Again With Cleveland Kraut - We Could Make That

Drew and Mac Anderson are brothers. Their sister is Emma. Emma married Luke. Drew and Luke met over some beers, as brother-in-laws have been known to do. They realized they'd both been fermenting stuff in their kitchens. A lightbulb went off, they started jarring their creations and Cleveland Kraut was born. Then, Mac graduated from college, stepped up as lead sales guy and became (one of) the shining golden children of the enterprise: "Mac is like our Lebron James. He’s as tall as Lebron and a superstar when it comes to sales,” says Drew. Oh, by the way, Emma is totally cool with it all and her gut microbiome has never been happier. Now, these three Cleveland natives are singing the praises of fermented goodies, peddling their wares all around the country and having a hell of a good time doing it. And despite what you may have heard about families and friends doing business together, this trio says at the end of the day, the most important thing isn't their kraut, but each other (collective awwww's all around). On this show, the guys give me a rundown on the history of fermented foods, the difference between pre- and probiotics and why things like sauerkraut are so freaking good for us (did you know your gut plays a major part in regulating your mood? Shout out to lactobacillus!) We also chat about the companies that have inspired their journey over the last few years, what it's like to work with your literal bros day in and day out, and who would play them each in a movie. This was a fun episode that I think you're going to really like!    Show notes: wecouldmakethat.com/kraut
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