Inside this short and cute episode of Weak Points, we reminisce on the twelve headed behemoth of the fighting game genre, the one that changed it all...Capcom's STREET FIGHTER II! Tony and Trevor sit down and talk childhood memories, with a couple of facts and bits of trivia mixed in. We were undecided what we wanted to do at first, but we decided on Street Fighter II because of sheer relate-ability, fun, and nostalgia. A true phenomenon. It was honestly hard to not get swept up in the hype surrounding the game if you were a child in the early nineties. It set arcades afire all over the world, and almost single-handedly gifted another 15 years of life into the American arcade scene with both the fighting games it inspired, and a decidedly sharp and exhilarating focus on direct head to head competition to crown the best. High scores are okay, but when you make someone spend all their money trying to beat you, there was no better feeling. Were you around when SFII first debuted, or were you still a twinkle in M. Bison's eye? Did you make it a point to take someone down every time you went to the arcade or saw the cabinet? Or maybe you have memories more akin to what Tony and Trevor are focusing on in this episode: The godlike (At the time) SNES port!  Coming from the 8-Bit NES, it was hard to even wrap our adolescent minds around what seemed like a near perfect port. Of course, it wasn't by any means, but what Capcom accomplished with the first effort was nothing short of astounding. Although we mainly cover The World Warriors, we give a nod to the other SNES iterations as well. What did you think about Capcom re-releasing this game multiple times with "90's DLC"? Cash in, or honest attempt at creating perfection? What are your favorite characters to play as, and what are your favorite special moves? Lastly, What is your favorite Street Fighter game? HINT: You are restricted BY STRICT LAW from saying the original, but we might let you say 2010 if you subscribe  to us and write a beautiful 5 Star review on iTunes! Let us know your answers in the comments! LISTEN/SUBSCRIBE: iTUNES: GOOGLE PLAY: SOUNDCLOUD: YOUTUBE: STITCHER: TUNEIN: CONNECT: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM: E-MAIL: PHONE: (414) 530-5432 Call us with your hot movie and gaming takes! Get on the horn with that drunk dial and we’ll react on a future episode! Sound-Off, GaM-ers! MUSIC CREDITS: INTRO MUSIC: “Fillmore (8-Bit Remix)” - (Original score "Fillmore" composed by Yuzo Koshiro) - Actraiser [SNES/SFC] 2ND SONG: "Title Theme [CPS-1]" - COMPOSED BY: Yoko Shimomura 3RD SONG: "The World Warrior [SNES]" - COMPOSED BY: Yoko Shimomura 4TH SONG: "Ken's Stage" - COMPOSED BY: Yoko Shimomura 5TH SONG: "I want my Two Dollars" - COMPOSED BY: Newspaper Kid 6TH SONG: "Chun Li's Stage [SNES]" - COMPOSED BY: Yoko Shimomura 7TH SONG: "Trevor beat the Plumber" - COMPOSED BY: Anthony Schwader 8TH SONG: "Winner" - COMPOSED BY: Yoko Shimomura OUTRO MUSIC: Written and used with permission by Mark Peterson
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