#71 - Ryan Bethencourt: Reinventing Pet Food and Building the Post-Animal Bio Economy - Eat For The Planet with Nil Zacharias

Ryan Bethencourt is a scientist, entrepreneur, and biohacker. He is the CEO of Wild Earth, an innovative company that’s reinventing pet food as well as a Partner at Babel ventures, which helps fund emerging biotech companies. Ryan also co-founded IndieBio, an accelerator that helps scientists become entrepreneurs, which helped launched Memphis Meats, Clara Foods, New Wave Foods and more. Support the Podcast for as low as $5 per month: https://www.patreon.com/eftp Show notes for this episode: https://eftp.co/ryan-bethencourt   Follow Nil Zacharias on Twitter   Newsletter signup: https://eftp.co/newsletter   Like Eat For The Planet on Facebook   Contact us at eftp@eftp.co  
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