22: Family Planning, Triathlon Diversity, Who You are Now vs Then, Evaluating Biz Ideas - Work, Play, Love with Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas

They’re back and better than ever (at least Jesse thinks so). After a two-week hiatus for Kona and photoshoots, Lauren and Jesse dive into a solid mix of listener-submitted questions. The episode kicks off with Jesse describing how much he missed racing at Kona this year (pinky nail). He also shares some of his thoughts about watching the race. Lauren describes her time at home with the kids and the latest coaching progressions. This weeks questions are: * What have you seen from athletes, sponsors, or the industry to help diversify triathlon? * How did you decide it was time to give athletics a back seat in favor of starting a family? * How do you manage to balance who you were as an athlete, with who you are now as an "adult" type person? * Where do your business/project ideas come from and how do you know which ones to pursue? As always, please submit follow up questions at http://pickybars.com/workplaylove. Thanks for listening!
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